You can seek out child support for your family

If you’re looking to obtain child support or are looking for a way to pay it, Pennsylvania’s state government makes it possible to request application support and modifications online. The documents may come separately to your home address, and you may need to have your attorney review them before you submit them to the Domestic Relations Section of the Department of Human Services for approval.

Several applications can be found online and requested. For instance, if you’re a parent looking to obtain child support, you can request a new application for support from the DRS staff online or in person. You can also request a change to your support order online if you have a large change in income or a change in your family’s size.

What happens if you overpay support? The DRS allows the person who overpaid to request overpayment recovery. The case can be active or closed when this is requested, allowing a parent to recoup costs that were not meant to go to the child for whatever reason.

Imagine if you file a complaint with the DRS and it suddenly resolves itself. Instead of your petition going through, you can request the withdrawal of a complaint. For instance, if you were requesting the DRS to help you collect child support and began to receive it before the complaint was received, you may want to cancel it to avoid causing trouble with the agreement you currently have.

Every case is different, so our website has more information on child support and how to get what you need.