December slow for divorces; attorneys cite holidays as reason

Divorce may not be on your mind during the winter holidays, but a study has shown that couples tend to wait until after the holidays to divorce, saving their paperwork for the early spring. It’s not unusual for people to want to go away for Christmas; there are plans to see family members, times to spend caroling or at local venues and many events to see and participate in.

That’s why it’s not surprising that some want to wait until after the holidays to get a divorce. Especially in cases where children are involved, the holidays can be an emotional time to begin a divorce. Because of that, more people tend to make it through the holidays before starting the process.

December is normally a slow month for divorces for people of any age, according to a Dec. 11 report, and FindLaw has previously dated March as “Divorce Month,” which is when the most people tend to file. There are a few other reasons why people may file in March; after spending so much money over the holidays, they finally have family expenses out of the way and can focus on their own needs.

It takes until March because of a few factors. First, each party has to choose an attorney. Second, they may be trying to go through mediation or counseling to resolve issues related to the divorce. Then finally, it may take months to unravel your finances from your spouse’s, which is why March tends to give people enough time to do so following the busy holidays.