New rules clarify how to handle military child custody issues

The laws regarding child custody vary from state to state, and matters can become legally complicated when a dispute arises between parents who live in different jurisdictions. This issue may be especially relevant to parents in the military, as deployment often requires temporary changes to child custody arrangements. Unfortunately, sometimes service members encounter custody-related conflicts upon returning from deployment.

Service members in Pennsylvania should be aware of some new rules that clarify how military custody issues should be handled. As part of the defense authorization bill recently passed by Congress, the rules require that child custody arrangements not be modified while a parent is deployed, and custody arrangements before the deployment should still stand after the parent returns home. These rules apply unless a change in custody is in the child’s best interests.

Military custody issues have in the past been left up to each state, and the new provisions offer uniformity across jurisdictions. The changes come after a custody battle that dates back a decade. An article in Military Times has more on that story.

If you are a parent going through divorce, then this is likely the most difficult time in your life, especially if there is dispute over child custody issues. You’re faced not only with the challenge of protecting your parental rights, but also of protecting the best interests of your child. The attorneys of Bononi & Company understand the struggles faced by divorcing parents, and that a proactive, calm and assertive approach is necessary to resolve family conflicts successfully.

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